Selection Process


Evaluations will take place on or after the day the puppies turn 52 days old (7.5 weeks). I will video the puppies going through a series of tests with my eldest son and I will mark on the score cards how they respond to these tests. Directly after the Evaluations I will begin uploading the videos along with the score cards to a private Youtube channel and once they are all uploaded (which sometimes takes 24 hours) I will provide these to you. You will have until the selection day to review the videos and the score cards.

Example of Score Card & Evaluation Video below

(conflicting copy)


Selection dates will be sent to you via email. You can either select and take home your puppy in person or via phone conversation. I will schedule a time with all of you and you will have 30 minutes to talk about what puppies have already been selected meet the puppies still available, and discuss which puppies I recommend for your situation based on the answers and conversations we’ve had over this process. You will then ask me all of your questions and officially make your choice on which puppy you want and take that puppy home. I do NOT decide which puppy you take home. If you select over the phone pickup arrangements will be made.

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