We raise puppies in a way that aligns with their sensitive developmental benchmarks. We ensure they are empowered and not enabled, and leave here knowing that the world is safe, people are kind and dogs are friendly. 

Starting at 3 weeks old, each day our pups undergo a program devised by Jeanette Forrey of the Badass Breeder Program, based on handling needs.

We also begin the “Puppy Massage”-10 step approach taken to make sure that all puppies are exposed to various types of human touching, handling and sensation.

We begin the vital role of socializing your new puppy. We carefully follow the developmental stages and introduce them to outside stimulus as they are ready. We also provide mental and physical challenges daily- items that move, items to chew on, climb on and carry, along with tunnels, obstacle courses, scent work and confidence building activities. Play helps develop strength, agility, coordination and skills to function as an adult.

Puppies also begin using problem solving skills which is vital in producing intelligent dogs. Puppies that do not have these daily challenges become “poor learners” who are unable to handle frustration and are limited in their coping skills.

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